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Lightning: Break up Tour Hyper Japan!

LightningWho hasn’t been inspired by a musician at one point in their life?

For visual-kei guitarist Lightning, that moment was when, as a youg boy, he saw the legendary visual-kei band X-JAPAN. Today, a proud professional guitarist, singer and composer – Lightning is the first artist from Reunion Island to sign with a Japanese record label.

This summer, as part of his “Break up Tour 2016”, Lightning will be taking to the stage at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016! A collaborating artist, nay composer for virtual starlet ALYS, Lightning will also be accompanying ALYS as she performs at the HYPER Theatre!

Born on Reunion Island, Lightning began playing the guitar at 14. Inspired by music greats such as X-JAPAN, Luna Sea, Dir en Grey, and Gackt, he aims to fuse the tones of Japanese rock with a French-style flair for the heroic. Currently on tour with ALYS as part of the “CrysAlys Zone Beta” tour, Lightning is also in the midst of his own “Break up tour 2016” tour.