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Maids of England Serve Up a Treat


If you’re disappointed by the level of service you receive in cafés these days, you should treat yourself to a visit to the Maids of England Maid Café at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2016. Here you’ll experience a level of pampering and attention that really has to be experienced to be believed, and which will leave you in no doubt as to why maid cafés are such a popular phenomenon in Japan and elsewhere.

Royal Treatment


For the uninitiated, maid cafés offer clientele the opportunity to be treated like royalty in an experience that is part hospitality, part performance. Maids – or the male equivalent, butlers – don’t only serve delicious food and drink to their customers, but also interact with and entertain them in character. As well as being immaculately turned out and charming, they are also very talented, providing unforgettable live performances along with the tea and cakes.

Cheki It Out

logoMaids of England are the longest-running and best-known maid café in the UK, established in 2011. They have an international flavour, which they characterise as a fusion of 60% Japanese and 40% British. They are acclaimed far and wide, and offer everything you might expect from a maid café, including playing games such as mini-Jenga and Connect 4 and taking and decorating personalized photos known as cheki.


An Unmissable Offer


At the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2016, Maids of England will be offering a selection of treats including hot specialty teas, ramune and other soft drinks, as well as Japanese confectionary such as mocha rice cakes and dorayaki red-bean pancakes. There will also be a special “Moe Moe-Kyun!” set available, including a drink, something to eat, a game and a cheki with one of the maids or butlers. All in all, an experience not to be missed!

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