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Mangajuku Masterclass, Back by Popular Demand!

Mangajuku-mirano_1314 After absolutely smashing it at last summer’s HYPER JAPAN Festival, Nihon Mangajuku‘s Manga masterclass is back to join us for the 2016 Christmas Market!

Manga is ubiquitous in Japanese society, and comes in a plethora of styles to suit every imaginable taste. The unique visual style of manga is one of Japan’s most distinctive cultural exports, and at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2016 you will have an extremely rare opportunity to learn how to recreate the look for yourself, directly from those who have taught some of today’s most exciting manga artists!

Mangajuku-mirano_885A team from Nihon Mangajuku, one of Japan’s most illustrious manga training schools, will be travelling from Japan to hold this exclusive workshop session! At only £50 including all materials, each two-hour-long class is packed with topics. These include key manga techniques such as inking with both brushes and the G-pen that is ubiquitous to drawing Japanese manga! As well as this, there will be instruction in techniques using black tone, as well as character design, and participants will get to use tools, such as the aforementioned G-pens and special manga paper, which are difficult to get hold of outside Japan.

For a Christmas present (or just for further practice!), pick up one of 50 available manga starter sets. Priced at £20, they include a G-pen, holder, black tone, and 2 manga design worksheets to work on at home. You can also pick up supplies like inks, copic pens, and more! Check out the video below for a (Japanese language) preview of the skills you’ll pick up during these classes.

Additionally, 5 lucky participants each day will have a very limited chance to have a portrait of themselves drawn by a professional! It will be first-come, first-served, with sales starting at 13:00 each day. Those who wish to take part need only to pay £20 and have their photo taken, and after the end of the second class at 17:00, a lovely portrait will be waiting!


Since it was established in 2000, the Nihon Mangajuku, a vocational school dedicated to Japanese manga skills, has produced over 40 professional manga artists whose work has been published by major publishing houses. These include Tomo Takeuchi, whose “Welcome to the Ballroom” was placed second in the coveted Manga Taisho award and Akane Shimizu, whose much talked about work “Cells at Work” has sold over 500,000 copies, as well as the well-known artist, model and actress Britney Hamada.


Cost: £50 for two hours
Goods for sale: £20 for a set of a G-pen, holder, black tone, and 2 manga design worksheets
Portraits: £20 (Limited to 5 people each day)


  • 13:00 (Special Deal: Take a selfie with Britney Hamada and tweet, facebook, or otherwise up it on SNS for a bargain course fee of just £30!)
    Saturday 1st Session

  • 11:00
    Saturday 2nd Session

  • 15:00

  • 11:00
  • 15:00
Applications close on the 20th of November. If spaces are left, they will be available at the Mangajuku space once the Christmas Market begins.

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*Mangajuku is run entirely by Nihon Mangajuku, an exhibitor at HYPER JAPAN. HYPER JAPAN has not organised this event.