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Masked Ninja HIROKI backflips onto our main stage

HIROKI masked ninja martial arts traditional kama-nunchaku

Supported by BA-LOGO

We’re pleased to announce that HIROKI, the Masked Ninja, is coming to HYPER JAPAN 2014!

Trained with Japanese martial arts from early childhood, and a wide variety of Japanese martial arts weapons (including the Okinawan Nunchaku), HIROKI formed his own “Mukei Mugen-Ryu” style through the development of 25 years of work. He drew inspiration from the words of Miyamoto Musashi, “begin with one thousand days, and then master with another ten thousand days”, and diligently accomplished it through 30 years of martial arts training.

Appearing on both Japanese and American television to display his talents (including Stan Lee’s Superhumans), HIROKI has since become known throughout the world as a master of the ninja weapon of legend, the “Kama (sickle) Nunchaku”. In addition, HIROKI is also the creator of a wildly popular exercise regime known as “NunTore”, which uses the principles of nunchaku training with a towel for safe and peaceful practice and exercise in the home.

As well as a dazzling display of his martial arts prowess, HIROKI will also be teaching beginners the basics of NunTore throughout the event. Look forward to seeing his astounding performances on our main stage!