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The Olympia Grand is getting a Matsuri Makeover!

To celebrate 10 years of HYPER JAPAN, we’re giving the Olympia Grand a makeover, Japanese style!

This summer’s HYPER JAPAN Festival is going to be very heavily influenced by the grand old traditions of Japanese summer matsuri (祭り) festivals.
You can expect lots of glowing lanterns everywhere, red and white bunting covering the rooms, and even a Matsuri Tower.

Yes, that’s right!
We are planning to build a Matsuri Tower in the middle of the Olympia Grand with strings of lanterns floating overhead!
This is the first time we’ve done this and while we’re REALLY excited to try, there are definitely going to be challenges and hurdles to getting it done. We’ll do our best and try to create a fantastic summer matsuri atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

By the time HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 opens, the Olympia Grand will have been transformed into a gorgeous matsuri festival. If you’ve a kimono or a yukata, a jinbei or a happi at home, we’d love for you to wear it to our summer matsuri.

Keep checking the website and social media for more details and progress reports on the matsuri tower!
See you at the matsuri!