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May J. the “Frozen” queen of J-pop melodies!

May J

If you guys love Frozen half as much as we do, then you’re in for a treat! Pop and R&B singer May J., who also sang the end credits version of “Let It Go” in the Japanese release of Frozen, will be thawing some hearts at our HYPER JAPAN Festival with her chilled-out tunes. (Please excuse the puns; we’re just trying to break the ice. Okay, we’ll stop now).


May J. is a multilingual artist, fluent in Japanese, Farsi, English and Spanish, and hails from a mixed ancestry. She has a formidable singing voice which seems, if anything, to get even better when she performs live, and can happily belt out technically tricky songs like “Let It Go” with all the passion and conviction of Elsa herself! The positive vibes within her various songs, both cover and original, have resonated with people from across different countries, backgrounds and generations, and will undoubtedly put smiles on the faces of our HYPER JAPAN audience too!


May J. made her debut with the mini-album “ALL MY GIRLS” in July 2006, and later rocketed to fame in 2009 after covering the song “Garden”. This cover achieved an excess of 2 million downloads, ranking in 2nd place as a first-time entry in the Oricon weekly chart. Her third album “For You” also placed in Top 10, as did her cover album “Summer Ballad Covers”, which maintained its impressive ranking for 5 consecutive weeks and accumulated over 300,000 CD sales.


May J.’s “Let It Go” for the ending credits in Japan’s release of “Frozen” solidified her position as a household name, building on her achievements as a regular MC for several TV and radio programs. She is also extremely active overseas, having performed at venues in Taiwan, Shanghai, Korea, New York, Chicago, London, Moscow, Los Angeles and Oman. To top it all off, from 2008 onwards May J. has been the main host of NHK World’s all-English Japanese music show “J-MELO”, which is broadcasted in more than 150 countries and regions worldwide!


Download some of her songs (including “Let It Go!) which are available on iTunes, and whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss this spectacular performer live in action this summer!