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MAYUCO to perform at HYPER JAPAN 2014!

We’re very pleased to announce our first live performer for HYPER JAPAN 2014: MAYUCO will be singing at this summer’s event!

MAYUCO studied fine arts at university before moving into music. An early adopter of digital distribution, her music has been used on Japanese television, and she has worked with artists from all around the world, as well as releasing her music through both UK and Japanese labels. Her newest album, “VISTA BOUQUET”, is released this month.

Her name means “a child in the cocoon”, and her warm music carries that feeling of being snug and protected. Her clear voice’s characteristic high notes are almost ethereal, and its purity and presence express an abstract world.

You can check out the official PV for her single “Touch My Soul” here, and we look forward to hearing her at HYPER JAPAN 2014!