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Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet 01

A chance to actually meet some of your favourite Japanese artists and performers may sound like a pipe dream, but at this year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas festival, those dreams can be a reality!

After their performances, participating artists will move to the meet and greet booth, located mere steps from the stage. Visitors can come say hello, have a picture taken of themselves with the artists, or maybe even get an autograph!* For some artists, there will be tour goods and CDs on sale, both at the meet and greet and at JPU records.

Keep your eyes peeled, as we will be adding artists to the list as they are confirmed!

Participating artists:

Artist Friday Saturday 1 Saturday 2 Sunday
HIZAKI  16:45  18:00  13:15
Misaki Iwasa with Hayabusa  11:45  17:30
PEACH-PIT  18:15  13:15
THE HOOPERS  12:30  11:30
Fuki  19:00  19:00  12:30
THE TOMBOYS  14:30  14:00  16:45
Taijyu Fujiyama  16:00  10:45
NeoBallad  15:15  15:45
SHOHJYOTAI  17:30  16:15
Ekotumi  10:00
BANG  11:00  16:00
Rio Haruki  10:15

*Please be aware that in some cases, attendees will be required to purchase artist goods in order to participate in the meet and greet sessions. This is up to the individual artists and/or their management.