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MeowMeow Cookies – Cute handmade cookie gifts!

‘Animals are our gift’, the adorable MeowMeow cookie pop gift is designed to give a smile to you, your friends and the people you care about! These adorable, edible kitties are coming to our HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market.

What is MeowMeow?

MeowMeows are cute cat shape party cookie gifts with big smiles. They love parties and events. Each one comes with a tag so that you can write your lovely message to your friends & family. The ethos of these designs are that ‘Animals are our gift’, so we must look after their future as well as our own.

“Opening a bakery is the first dream I had when I was little. African famine in 90′s inspired me to open a bakery to help others.

japanese_lucky_catAs an artist, when I create my cat cookies, I incorporate my love and thanks to the happy cats and dogs I had as pets when I was little. They always made me smile and care. They are the best gifts to me. Therefore, MeowMeowCookie is a handmade cookie gift. I wish my happy cookie cat team can give everyone a big smile just as my cats and dogs did to me. I would like to pass the love they gave to me on to others and pass the message that ‘Animals are our gift.’ to everyone … MeowMeowCookie was born!

As a baker, my aim is to make the cookies fresh, healthy and only from natural ingredients; our super cute MeowMeow characters are low in sugar, low in fat, and low in sodium; making them a low-guilt treat and not using any ready cookie mix.”