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MIYABI Traditional Culture Space: Showcasing Japanese Handicrafts

HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market offers a rare chance to browse and purchase a wide array of bespoke Japanese handicrafts and works of art in the MIYABI Traditional Culture Space. Once again we’ve teamed up with a Japanese artist collective to bring you over 200 different kinds of artwork produced by more than 30 different artists from around Japan.


What makes the MIYABI Traditional Cultural Space so special is that you can buy genuine hand-crafted goods directly from the artists who make them. There is also a stage area where several of the artists will be demonstrating how they go about making their creations. It really is an unparalleled opportunity in the UK to get your hands on a wide range of Japanese crafts.

The range of products and techniques on offer reflects the wide array of traditional crafts that have been practiced in Japan for thousands of years. These include calligraphy, ceramics, figurines and Japanese paintings, as well as textile art made from vintage kimono cloth and traditional paper craft. Each piece is meticulously hand-crafted in accordance with age-old techniques, and would make a treasured memento for yourself or a strikingly different Christmas gift.

MIYABI Traditional Culture Space
An artist collective consisting of 34 artists, the MIYABI Traditional Culture Space seeks to showcase the Japanese sense of beauty prevalent in handicrafts. The artists focus on traditional techniques, while at the same time presenting these in a more modern light. The members of the collective, hailing from across Japan, have travelled extensively around Japan and further afield to introduce as many people as possible to Japanese aesthetic sensibilities.

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