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More Cosplay Guests confirmed!


We’ve got more cosplay guests and judges confirmed for ECG and our Cosparade!

Enja Cosplay

Benjamin Hunt aka Enja Cosplay is a London based cosplayer and all-round geek. He began competitive Cosplay in 2011 when he represented the UK in the first Season of the European Cosplay Gathering in Paris. He’s since represented the UK at Eurocosplay and ECG Season 4, as well as winning the final of Cosplay World Masters.

Ben will be sharing his knowledge and answering your cosplay questions at HYPER JAPAN, he also has a special performance in-store with cosplay partner in crime Laura Sindall

Laura Sindall

Laura Sindall is a London based cosplayer who has been creating costumes for 8 years. During this time she has cosplayed around the world, representing the UK at the 2012 World Cosplay Summit in Japan!

Laura works as a full time Special Effects Artist for Artem, working on films, events and commercials including Prometheus, the London Olympic ceremonies and the official Halo and Titanfall suits for the launch of the games. She has also created costumes for several other companies within the video games industry including Sony, Namco, TecmoKoei, Nintendo, and 2K.

Laura will be performing at HYPER JAPAN as part of ECG Team UK 2014 together with her team-mate Enja Cosplay and will be helping to judge the Sunday COSParade.


Paine Cosplay, one of our ECG preliminaries judges, is travelling all the way from Belgium to attend HYPER JAPAN!

Paine has been cosplaying for 7 years and has represented Belgium twice at the ECG – European Cosplay Gathering
(season 1 and 3) and once at the EuroCosplay finals (season 1). Since then she has been a Cosplay judge in many countries, including Belgium, Scotland, Switzerland, Romania and France judging contetss such as ECG, EC and WCS selections.

Paine’s favourite costumes are intricate dresses with props. She loves embroidery and discovering new materials. That’s why, at the moment, most of her ‘costume challenges’ involve detailed embroideries and leather work.

As well as judging, Paine also hopes to provide a workshop on embroidery over the weekend!

tabitha lyons

Our other ECG preliminaries judge is the one and only Tabitha Lyons!

Tabitha has been making props with her dad since she was 12 and is part of Artyfakes Action-Props. As well as an avid cosplayer she has been LARPing since she was 8! Tabitha will be at Hyper Japan SUNDAY ONLY and will have a stall selling signed prints! Tabitha is an experienced cosplay contest judge and she can’t wait to see all your cosplays on the day!