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Amazing Amezaiku with Mrs. Candy-G!

You can feast your eyes and your taste buds on amazing artworks that are good enough to eat at this year’s HYPER JAPAN Festival! Amezaiku or candy sculpture involves making beautiful shapes and characters from confectionery. Before your very eyes, expert Mrs. Candy-G will take a lump of soft candy and turn it into an edible rabbit, squirrel, dolphin, monkey or just about any other animal that is suggested. For HYPER JAPAN she’ll also be making some exclusive Japanese icons such as ninjas and sumo wrestlers.

Making her HYPER JAPAN debut, Mrs. Candy-G is an expert in the traditional Japanese art of amezaiku. She is from Japan, but has wowed audiences in the US with her skills as well. She will make designs at the request of members of the audience, and you can taste her wonderful creations as well as admire them.