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Japanese Girl on the Path to Professional “Go” Gaming at Age 9

If you’ve ever visited the J-Culture Activities area at HYPER JAPAN, you’ve probably seen a few attendees focused intently on a board game involving lots of black and white pieces. They’re playing the ancient game of “go” and though its not originally from Japan, it enjoys widespread popularity across all demographics. Recently, The Nihon Ki-in, the professional society for Go in Japan, announced on 5 January that Sumire Nakamura (仲邑菫) would be making her professional debut at the record-breaking age of nine!

Sumire is the first individual under the “Eisai Tokubetsu Suisen Kishi” (英才特別推薦棋士) programme aimed at fostering a new generation of Japanese world-class go talent. At the press conference announcing her upcoming debut, Sumire thanked members of the media with a simple greeting of “Kore kara yoroshiku onegai shimasu” (これからよろしくお願いします).

The next time you’re near the J-Culture Activities area, drop on by and try your hand at “go”!


Source: JCast News
[Original article in Japanese]