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The Winner Takes All! NamaTV Winning Idol and Cosplayer from Japan!

At HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017, we will have the winners of the Dream Stage Competition and the Third Cosplay War coming from Japan! These are both competitions in which the audience of NamaTV voted for their favourite idols/cosplayers.

The Dream Stage Winning Idol will be performing on the HYPER Live stage, while the Third Cosplay War winner will join the COSParade and COSTest!

Dream Stage Winner

The winner is すずはらかのん (Kanon Suzuhara)!! Congratulations!!

Kanon’s profile:

Message from Kanon Suzuhara

We also would sent a special invitation to the second winner, いけながあいみ (Aimi Ikenaga)!

Aimi’s profile:

Message from Aimi Ikenaga

Third Cosplay War Winner

The winner is モカぴ (Mokapi)!! Congratulations!!

Check her profile:


We are looking forward to seeing these two winners at the HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017! Don’t miss them!