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Celebrate the rice harvest with Namazake festival

Join us for a celebration of this year’s rice harvest with a festival of Namazake at HYPER JAPAN Winter 2018.

Namazake is the first type of Japanese sake to be produced from each year’s rice harvest. It is fresh and unpasteurised sake and is traditionally reserved to be given as gifts and for VIP and special clients of each distillery.

We have around 40 varieties of quality namazake for you to try at HYPER JAPAN and will be awarding prizes for the best and most popular tipples.

This huge selection of namazake is a real world first. Even in Japan, a collection of this many namazake would be newsworthy and it is certainly unprecedented anywhere else in the world.

We are very proud that London and HYPER JAPAN have been chosen as the first location in the world to present this incredible array of delicious namazake and look forward to introducing namazake to a new and eager audience.

Come along to the Pillar Hall and take your first steps into the fascinating world of namazake.

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