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Incredible Nama Sake selection in the Pillar Hall

The Sake Experience is excited to introduce an incredible selection of “Nama Sake” at HYPER JAPAN Winter 2018.

The Sake Experience brings 24 types of “Nama Sake” from 18 Japanese prefectures to the UK.  Only four of these “Nama Sakes” have ever been available outside of Japan.

“Name Sake” is fresh sake which has not gone through the double pasteurisation process of most Japanese sake, giving it a fresher taste and fruitier aroma.

These “Nama Sake” are very rare and have only limited availability. Get your Sake Experience tickets while you still can!

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Please drink responsibly.
HYPER JAPAN will operate a Challenge 25 policy during the event, so those who are particularly youthful in appearance may be asked for proof of age.
HYPER JAPAN reserves the right to refuse service of alcohol to customers.
Please be considerate of others when consuming alcohol as many visitors will be underage.
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