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New & Improved HYPER Street Live! for Festival 2019

The HYPER Street Live! has been an important and vibrant part of HYPER JAPAN for many years and we always welcome the many different artists who perform at this special space.
We are just as happy to hear your feedback after each HYPER JAPAN event and, taking your ideas into account, we are delighted to present a new and improved HYPER Street Live! for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019!

This year’s HYPER Street Live! will be held in a dedicated and specially decorated and carpeted area at the heart of the HYPER JAPAN Festival! Thirty minute slots can be booked here for Japan-themed performances by individuals or small groups throughout the weekend.
After listening to ideas and suggestions from many of our past performers, we have been able to organise to to have a power supply to the HYPER Street Live! at Festival 2019! Performers will be free to bring microphones, instruments and other equipment and to use the 500W electrical outlet at the stage.

We are sure that many of your friends and family will want to support and encourage you and watch your performance at HYPER JAPAN. To help them come along with you, we are happy to provide a 25% discount on HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 tickets to guests of registered HYPER Street Live! performers.

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