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Japanese Traditional performances: Nihon Buyo and Folk Music


If you enjoy traditional Japanese musical and dance displays, you’re in for a treat at our HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market! Not only HJ Veterans Hibiki Ichikawa and Akari Mochizuki, but also returning performers of the Hiroko Tanaka Nihon Buyo dance school will be displaying their talents on our main stage.

Nihon Buyo is a refined form of traditional Japanese dance and has been improved over four centuries.
It has its strongest influence from Kabuki Buyo, but it was also influenced by the circular movements and props of Noh and the spinning and jumping expressions of Japanese Folk Dance.
While performed independently by specialists, it is particularly known for being the style of dancing performed by geisha.

Hiroko Tanaka’s Wakayagi style (one of the four major schools alongside Nishikawa, Fujima, Bando and Hanayagi) Nihon Buyo Group was established in 2003 by Hiroko Tanaka, a 60-year veteran of Nihon Buyo from Kyoto. The group has been performing actively at numerous Japanese events in London and will be gracing our main stage on Saturday morning!

Hibiki Ichikawa was born in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan. At the age of 20, he started playing the standard Shamisen and a year later, impressed by the richness and variety of sounds of the Tsugaru Shamisen, he started his training under Master Akihiro Ichikawa. Akari Mochizuki is skilled in not one, but three different vocal styles; Enka, Japanese Blues, and Pop. Often performing together with Mr Ichikawa at HYPER JAPAN, they have both performed at a number of events and concerts such as WOMAD 2010 and Japan Matsuri in the UK and their performances always attract large audiences.

Both of these talented performers will be on our main stage on Sunday morning, ready to delight HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market audiences with their incredible musical talent.