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Manhole? Coin? No, It’s Nishiko kun!

Mascot characters, or Yuru-charas, are really… ah…. unique side of Japanese culture. You might have seen and met some before, but not this one.

Nishiko kun, from Nishikokubunji City, Tokyo.

What do you think he is? A manhole? A Coin? Well, he is a mascot character of the tile used for a roof of a Japanese temple built 1200 years ago! His design comes from a circle tile called Abumi Kawara (あぶみ瓦) excavated at the Musashikokubunji in Tokyo.

He has won the 3rd prize in Yuru-Chara Grand Prix 2011!

Watch him at HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017 and enjoy the “Yurui/ゆるい” feeling he gives us!