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Okinawa “Buku Buku” Tea Ceremony

Ryukyu TeaOkinawan tea ceremony is distinctly unique from its Japanese counterpart, and seldom chanced upon outside Japan, let alone inside Japan. Last November, event-goers to our Christmas Market were fortunate to be able to see the “Ryukyu Buku Buku Tea Ceremony Akeshinono Kai” demonstrate this unique part of Okinawan culture. This summer, they have once again agreed to demonstrate this unique art so make sure you don’t miss the show at the J-Culture stage!

Okinawan “buku buku” tea differs from Japanese tea both in taste and appearance. Consisting of a blend of green tea and jasmine tea, it is much more mild than the somewhat bitter tea drunken in Japanese tea ceremony. Visually stunning, buku buku tea has a mound of white froth, made from roasted rice and water, towering above the cup. While the result looks more like a sundae than a cup of tea, it is a pleasant and mild drink. Witness also the beautiful outfits worn by practitioners of Ryukyu buku buku tea.

Ryukyu Buku Buku Tea Ceremony Akeshinono Kai
Ms. Yukiko Raho has been a member of the Ryukyu Buku Buku Tea Ceremony Akeshinono Kai since 2008, and has since then participated in numerous Okinawa Day festivals where she demonstrated Ryukyu tea ceremony in front of appreciative crowds. Currently active in setting up the London branch of the Akeshinono Kai, Ms. Raho is slowly yet surely introducing the UK to the delights of Ryukyu tea, one cup at a time.