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Oliver Hilton-Johnson’s Sake Seminars


As if there wasn’t already enough sake-related excitement surrounding our HYPER JAPAN Festival, we can now announce that sake specialist and director of Tengu Sake Ltd., Oliver Hilton-Johnson, will be giving special seminars on sake hints and tips on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th July. Somebody buy that man a well-deserved drink!


Oliver will be presenting his own take on sake, an increasingly well-known and loved tipple all over the world, and describing ways to make this traditional Japanese drink work for UK people and cuisines. In addition to fundamental knowledge such as the different types of sake, whether to serve hot or cold, and top tips for pairing sake with food, Oliver will also explore some more in-depth themes including “sake culture in Japan” and even “how to cheat at sake”! This will undoubtedly be an enlightening experience for sake newcomers and the long-initiated alike, and will offer a rare chance to hear insider sake know-how straight from an accomplished sake sommelier.


Doesn’t sound like your cup of tea? Well, lucky audience members will also get the opportunity to try some samples of the various sakes introduced during the seminar! If free sake isn’t an incentive to speedily park yourself in the front row of the audience, we don’t know what is.


Profile: Oliver Hilton-Johnson Oliver_Hilton_Johnson

Oliver is a sake specialist and director of award-winning Tengu Sake Ltd., an import, wholesale and retail company dealing solely in quality Japanese sake. Tengu Sake supplies sake to some of the country’s finest restaurants as well as delivering directly to the public via Oliver is also a sake educator for the British Sake Association and leads sake talks, tastings and food pairings throughout the UK.