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ONE NOT’E, rising stars of Japanese rock!


Veterans of HYPER JAPAN will recognise rock trio ONE NOT’E from our 2014 summer event, where they played an awesome set despite it being their first ever live concert! Now KaZ, Nye and Takato are back to bring another welcome dose of old school rock to our HYPER Live Stage.


ONE NOT’E were formed as recently as 2014, but have already made a name for themselves in the Japanese rock scene. They have performed overseas in France, Germany and the UK, as well as in various venues around Japan, and have managed to rack up over 107,000 likes on their official Facebook page. At present they have 2 singles under their belt, “Winter Road” and “Same Dream”, which are available in 240 countries via iTunes, amazon and other major music platforms.


KaZ on drums, Nye on bass and vocals, and Takato on guitar make a formidable team, specialising in guitar-heavy classic rock. If you’re into Spyair or ONE OK ROCK, look no further than these rock prodigies for top quality head-banging music at our HYPER JAPAN Festival!


Don’t take our word for it though; check out their website, or watch their latest PV below and get irrevocably addicted to “Same Dream”!