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Up Your Kawaii Makeup Game with Sophie of PeachMilkyTea

We are excited to announce that YouTuber and cosplayer Sophie from PeachMilkyTea will be hosting a makeup tutorial workshop where you, too can learn the tricks to getting your perfect kawaii look! Not only will Sophie teach you how to get your Japan-inspired look just right, you’ll also be able to meet her in our Perfect Kawaii Transformation Area!

Also an avid cosplayer, Sophie will also be joining us as a judge in Sunday’s COSTest, appearing in one of her amazing outfits!


About Sophie
Sophie, who hails from Northern Ireland, began her blog, PeachMilkyTea, shortly after falling in love with Japanese fashion and all things kawaii. She now has a substantial following on YouTube, and has gained popularity not just for her amazing makeup tutorials, but also for her stunning cosplay.

As a huge fan of anime and video games since she was a child, Sophie became interested in Japanese fashion, culture, and cosplay. In the beginning she found wearing cosplay nerve-wracking, even at conventions, but it is now a massive part of her life. Her YouTube videos showcase different costumes and tutorials on how to do makeup for different characters and even do photoshoots.

These days Sophie’s lifestyle revolves around super-cute girly fashion, and she mostly dresses in Himekaji (Casuallux01 Princess) and Kogal style outfits, though she doesn’t follow them strictly and is always keen to experiment and try
out new styles.


  • When: Saturday the 26th 13:00
  • Where: Hyper Creative Studio
  • Free to participate
  • No advance bookings
  • Be at the Creative Studio 10 minutes before the starting time for the activity.
  • 40 people per workshop