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Premium Sake Shop: Back in action!


Building on the overwhelming popularity of our Eat-Japan Sake Experience, which will be taking place again this summer, visitors to the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2015 will be able to sample and purchase an assortment of delectable Japanese alcoholic beverages at our Premium Sake Shop! Among other quality drinks, we’ll be stocking delightfully sweet and sour umeshu (plum wine), earthy shochu (a clear spirit distilled from rice) and of course numerous varieties of sake, that increasingly well-known and loved Japanese rice wine.

Sake---smallNot a fan of strong-tasting liquors? Try a sip of umeshu! Made from steeping unripened plums in alcohol and sugar, umeshu’s fabulous fruity flavour and low alcohol content (10 to 15%) make it a popular treat even for those who normally shy away from stiffer drinks. Enjoy it hot or iced, straight or as a secret ingredient to spice up a classic cocktail – the possibilities are endless! For wine and sake enthusiasts looking for something fresh and exciting, we recommend shochu – an earthy liquor now in the midst of a well-deserved international consumer boom.

Finally, our authentic Japanese sake is a must-try for first-time drinkers and devoted fans alike! Although sake is gaining popularity in the UK, the numerous ways in which to enjoy it remain tragically underexplored in this area of the world. Contrary to popular belief, sake does not necessarily have to be served warm or as an accompaniment to sushi in order to be fully appreciated, but in fact there are a mind-boggling variety of sake brands and flavours which each benefit from different serving temperatures and accompanying foods!

With all this in mind, we’re delighted to invite guests of HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2015 to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to further your knowledge of some hidden gems of the alcohol world whilst discovering new taste sensations.