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Enter a Delicious World of Ramen with our Japanese Ramen Blogger!

The Ramen Experience is one of our biggest attractions this November! An opportunity to try 4 different ramen soups, choose your favourite, and then enjoy a full bowl of ramen, for only £5!

But some of you might not know how amazing this noodle really is. SO we’ve invited a top ramen blogger to break it down for you! She loves ramen, so much that she actually wants to become a bowl of ramen! You’re in great hands to lead you all to a better understanding of the delicious world of ramen.

Here she is to introduce herself!

Hello England! How do you do?

I’ve loved ramen ever since I was a kid, and I’m currently eating my way around ramen restaurants in Tokyo. Generally speaking, I go about 4 times a week. That’s more than 250 bowls of ramen a year!

Several years ago, a friend suggested that I start a ramen blog, so in 2014, I did just that. BTW, the blog is titled “Morimi’s ‘I wanna be a bowl of ramen!’” I get some laughs because the idea of a human wanting to be food is pretty weird, but to me, there’s nothing that makes me happier than coming across a delicious bowl of ramen. Ramen makes people happy, so I figure if I were to turn into a bowl of it, being eaten wouldn’t be such a bad thing(´∀`) Ahaha

So anyway, that brings me here – helping out HYPER JAPAN by introducing the world of Japanese ramen. I hope I can show you all just how great ramen really is (^^)v


Two to three times a week we will post Morimi’s blog, written exclusively for HYPER JAPAN!
Stay tuned!

Ramen Post by Morimi

  1. 1.
    Why is Ramen So Special to Japanese People??
  2. 2.
    Shoyu Ramen (Soy Sauce Soup Ramen)
  3. 3.
    Shio Ramen (Salt Sauce Soup Ramen)
  4. 4. Miso Ramen (Miso Sauce Soup Ramen)
  5. 5. Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork Sauce Soup Ramen)
  6. 6. Visiting Ramen Restaurant in Japan

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