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Boy have we some ramen for you!

Did you know that behind every good bowl of ramen is some seriously tasty broth? Well, the Ramen Experience is all about appreciating the wonderful world of Ramen and so, we’ve put together a quick intro to the different types of soup you’ll be sampling at the Ramen Experience!

Shoyu (Soy/醤油) Ramen Soup

Shoyu ramen is what people in Tokyo think of when you ask a Tokyoite to think of ramen. Though popular all over Japan, Shoyu is the go-to ramen in the Tokyo area – so much so that it’s safe to you say you’re not a real Tokyoite if you don’t have a good shoyu ramen shop! One thing to remember – when eating shoyu ramen, the “kaedama” (another serving of noodles placed in your leftover broth) option is replaced by the “oomori” (XL serving) option. Remember to enjoy the heavenly scents wafting up from the broth as shoyu soup is based on fermented soy!

Tonkotsu (豚骨) Ramen Soup

Tonkotsu ramen hails from the Southern region of Japan. The island of Kyushu to be precise. It’s often called “Hakata Ramen” (博多ラーメン) because it originated in the historic central Hakata area of modern-day Fukuoka city. If you really want to experience tonkotsu ramen like the Japanese do, then drop on by the “yatai” street stalls to have your bowl of tonkotsu ramen. There’s no experience like it! Oh, and remember to ask for “kaedama” as that’s a trusted bit of the tonkotsu ramen experience.

Paitan (白湯)Ramen Soup

Paitan ramen is a bit of an oddity in the world of ramen; it’s not found as readily as soy, miso, or tonkotsu ramen. This may be because it’s often confused with its thicker, creamier, pork-based cousin tonkotsu. Still, this chicken-based soup can hold its own, even reaching popular heights in the 1980s.

Enjoy your ramen!

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