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Foodies! Ramen Experience 2018 Tickets Now On Sale!!

All Day
Sat 1
All Day
Sat 2
All Day
All Day

Scrumptious noodles, broth bursting with flavour, a generous amount of your favourite toppings…. aahhh, the hallmarks of a heavenly bowl of ramen!
We are happy to announce the Ramen Experience will be once again be sating the culinary desires of foodies at HYPER JAPAN Winter 2018!

The Process

  • Sample three different types of ramen broth
    • Shoyu (Soy)
    • Tonkotsu (Pork)
    • Paitan (Chicken)
    • There are no vegetarian, vegan, or halal options
  • Vote for your favourite broth
  • Get a bespoke bowl of ramen
  • Enjoy!

“Peak” and “Off-Peak” Times

So we can accommodate as many people as possible over the three days of Ramen Experience, there will be “peak” and “off-peak” times:

  • Friday:
    • Off-Peak: 12PM to 7:30PM
  • Saturday 1st Session:
    • Off-Peak: 9AM to 11AM
    • Peak: 11AM to 2PM
  • Saturday 2nd Session:
    • Off-Peak: 3:30PM to 5:30PM
    • Peak: 5:30PM to 8:30PM
  • Sunday Session:
    • Off-Peak: 9AM to 11:30AM
    • Peak:11:30AM to 4:30PM


    Tickets for the Ramen Experience 2018 are:

    • £7.00 for off-peak times
    • £8.50 for peak times.
    • An entry ticket to HYPER JAPAN Winter 2018 must be purchased separately
    • Tickets are available through advance bookings only.

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