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Purchasing Replica Weapons at HYPER JAPAN

Olympia London is a member of the Association of Event Venues (AEV) and has adopted the latest policies regarding weapons at events. In particular, changes involving exhibiting and purchasing weapons. The following excerpt is from Section 58.7 of the eGuide.

Where weapons are exhibited:

  • The exhibitor’s risk assessment should address pre-sale demonstrations and handling of
    weapons by customers, e.g. sales should be made on a one-to-one basis and not in crowded
  • The venue may request details of the exhibitor’s trading company, in order to verify that the
    business is legitimate.
  • Sold items must be forwarded to customers after the event.
  • Exhibitors should retain a record of each customer until the end of the event open day, after
    which their details should be destroyed.
  • It is recommended that exhibitors request appropriate photographic identification from
    customers appearing to be under 21, in order to ensure compliance with minimum age legal
  • Knives displayed on stands must be encapsulated in protective packaging or kept in enclosed
    cabinets, so that blades cannot be touched by the public.


While replica weapons will be sold at HYPER JAPAN, there are certain rules that everybody will need to follow.

Sales of Replica Weapons

  • Metal replica weapons will be available for purchase at HYPER JAPAN.
  • Any individual wishing to purchase a replica weapon will be required to undergo a standardised check which includes but is not limited to age verification.
  • Customers will have their purchases delivered to their home addresses after the event.
  • “Items which do not have a potential to cause harm, but look realistic and have the potential to cause alarm”, such as foam swords, will also be available to buy over the counter at the event. Any such items should remain in their supplied packaging while in the venue.

Purchased Replica Weapons

  • Should you wish to take your purchased item out of the packaging, event security must authorise your continued entry to HYPER JAPAN with the item. If approved, you may remove the item from the supplied packaging.