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RIUCHI: The Art of Light

RIUCHIAfter watching RIUCHI perform it is hard to remember that we live in a world governed by science, for what you will see is a virtuoso performance of beauty and poetry, enacted with a deft combination of circus and dance.

On paper, it’s a skillful blend of human movement, technology, and music, but if you try and explain the actual experience, anybody would be hard-pressed to not use the term “magical”. How else to explain that wonderful feeling of awe?

We leave it up to you to come and see RIUCHI perform at the HYPER Theatre for yourself. It is a spellbinding story of destiny you won’t want to miss.


RIUCHI’s first opus, “The Tale of The Ancient Lights” burst onto the world stage in 2013 with a 10-nation tour to critical acclaim. Winning Best Performance and Best Lighting at Galway Fringe Festival 2014, the show was also nominated for Bewley’s Café Theatre “Little Gem” Award at Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival 2014. The recipient of awards by the Arts Council of Ireland, Cork City Council, the French Embassy, Culture Ireland and recently recognized as the prominent Emerging Irish Circus Performer 2016, his newest show, “Dreams of Light”, is set to premiere in 2017.