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Roll up, roll up for temari sushi!


Considering the rapid influx of Japanese culture and products (especially of the edible variety) into the UK during the past few years, we think it’s pretty safe to assume that many people in the UK now know at least a little bit about sushi. You may even have picked up the terms maki sushi (sushi rolls) and nigiri sushi (fish on top of rice) during outings to your local Japanese restaurant. But what you probably haven’t seen or heard of before is a little treat called temari sushi (ball-shaped sushi). This type of casual sushi is perfect for parties and other festive occasions, since it looks gorgeous despite being relatively easy to make!

See for yourself how to make these cute little balls of fish and rice at the Sozai cooking school booth – where expert chefs will be giving demonstrations at selected times throughout our Christmas Market. Guests will also be able to eat these freshly-made temari and appreciate the delicious yet simple nature of this little-known sushi. What’s more, Sozai will be selling gift vouchers for their top-class cooking lessons at a special discounted price exclusive to HYPER JAPAN, so make sure you roll on up to their booth for an excellent bargain, plus some tasty food!