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Roxie Sweetheart: Sweet Fashion with an Edge

Roxie Sweetheart takes inspiration from diverse sources – from Tokyo’s vibrant fashion scene to vintage illustrations; a stunning selection of unique pieces that combine the sweet with the street, and incorporate gorgeous, colourful and edgy hand-drawn designs. A long-time HYPER JAPAN exhibitor, Roxie Sweetheart will be offering up more than ever this summer with a booth in our fashion area! Her adorable lineup boasts unique printed kawaii clothing, statement pieces, jewellery, hair accessories, bags, and more.


Roxie says:
The vibrance, whimsicality and sheer (sometimes twisted-) cuteness of Japanese art, design and fashion has always inspired me. Japanese design is unafraid to explore colour, texture and innovative ideas. My first memories of Japanese design are from Sanrio’s Little Twin Stars. Today, my design work continues to be heavily influenced by Tokyo street style, manga comics and artists such as Walt Disney, Junko Mizuno and Fafi. I love to combine hand-drawn illustrations with computer-aided design into wearable pieces. Creative expression is my passion!