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Sailor Moon Swag from Dreamy Bows!

sailormoonmakeupWas your Sailor Moon transformation brooch your prized possession growing up? Was your childhood happiness determined by whatever happened on each week’s episode? Wondering what you’ll ever do with all those Sailor Moon toys you have stashed away in your parents’ attic?sm_twinkle_dolly3

Yeah, (at least one of) us too.

But great news! Dreamy Bows will now be selling a whole load of official Bandai Sailor Moon merch that it’s TOTALLY acceptable to carry around as a fully-grown adult!

With a full range of Sailor Moon makeup, you can now proudly display your fandom daily in the chicest way possible. Makeup items include:

  • Miracle Romance Cosmic Heart Cheek Compact (a stunning compact decorated with seven stones, containing a mirror and rose pink blusher with moisturising properties)sm_stick_and_rod2
  • Miracle Romance Moisture Rouge Disguise Pen (moisturising lipstick in a deep pink shade that can be layered on, combining cuteness with luxury)
  • Miracle Romance Pencil Eyeliner (high quality pencil liners available as Moon Stick and Transformation Pen)
  • Sailor Moon Beauty Mask Pack (a set of 5 sheet face masks)

In addition, Dreamy Bows will also be selling such items as the Sailor Moon Stick & Rod 2nd Series Collectibles (mini proplicas including the Heart Moon, Kaleidomoon Scope, and the Jupiter and Venus transformation sticks), Miniaturely Tablet Cases ( 2nd and 3rd series) and Display Stand, Twinkle Dolly 3rd Series, and Cutie Moon Rod Ballpen Pointer! Grab ’em before they’re gone!