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Dreamy Bows presents: Sailor Moon collectible merchandise!

SailorMoon_DreamyBows_HJDreamy Bows is very excited to be bringing a hugely expanded range of Sailor Moon collectible merchandise by Bandai to HYPER JAPAN this month! A whole section of their booth in the HYPER Kawaii zone will be dedicated to many amazing and rare Sailor Moon cosmetics and accessories, including some items which sold out on the Japanese Premium Bandai website before they went on general release.

sm_powdercompactThe gorgeous items you’ll be able to get your hands on include the Sailor Moon Eau de Toilette, Sailor Moon luxury chopsticks, Rainbow Moon Chalice Room Fragrance, Sailor Moon Stick & Rod proplicas, Moon Stick & Cutie Moon Rod eyeliners, the absolutely stunning Sailor Moon teacup and saucer set by Noritake, Neptune and Uranus Lipstick Set, the new version of the Miracle Romance Powder Compact, and many more. These are a must-see for any Sailor Moon fans or aspiring Magical Girls!

sm_pillcaseDreamy Bows is thrilled to be Bandai UK’s chosen sole retailer of this extraordinary range. Some of the items are available in very limited supply, so be sure to check them out before they disappear! Remaining items will be available to purchase online at Dreamy Bows after HYPER JAPAN.



Introduction to Dreamy Bows

Dreamy Bows’ pop-up fashion shop will be stocking everything you need to create your own unique head-to-toe J-fashion look! Dreamy Bows is a UK-based shop specialising in a range of cute Japanese street fashion styles including fairy kei, lolita, gyaru, dreamybows_eyemazingHarajuku, hime kei and casual kawaii. Their aim is to offer J-fashion followers in Europe a wide selection of unique and hard-to-find Japanese fashion and beauty items, without the fees and shipping issues associated with buying straight from Japan.

Dreamy Bows are the exclusive UK distributors for KOKOkim, a super cute Tokyo-based brand which has quite recently burst into the J-fashion scene, and LISTEN FLAVOR, a long-running edgy-kawaii Harajuku brand. They are also the official UK distributors for sweet pastel accessories and jewellery brand Chocomint, and famous Japanese false eyelash brand EYEMAZING

You can also shop for (and try on!) a range of super cute and hard to find shoes in pastel and dark colours. Be sure to look out for their own affordable ranges of accessories, wigs, handbags and deco nails.



KOKOkim was created by famous Japanese Kera model Kimura U. It introduces the new style concept of “MoeHara” by dreamybows_mannequinscombining fashion inspiration from Akihabara and Harajuku. The result is a feminine yet quirky collection in beautiful pastel hues, with lots of adorable detailing. This new brand is already budding, and proving popular with Harajuku models, on the streets of Japan, and beyond! KOKOkim clothing, shoes, bags and accessories will not only be available to buy from the Dreamy Bows pop-up booth, but will also feature in our HYPER J-Style Collection fashion show!


LISTEN FLAVOR is a long-running Harajuku-based brand that focuses on cute pop and rock style, and is a regular favourite inSAMSUNG CSC KERA magazine – in fact, if you flick through any issue of KERA from the last 10 years or so, you are almost guaranteed to see some LISTEN FLAVOR clothing in there! The brand prides itself on its unique mix of pop, cute and cool, and its trademark concept of “kawaii with an edge” is instantly recognisable. LISTEN FLAVOR is famous for its printed t-shirts with bold designs, which are often worn baggy and oversized with cute and punky accessories, but it also produces fabulous skirts, shorts and harem pants. This much-loved brand will also have a well-deserved place on the catwalk in our HYPER J-Style Collection!