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Eat-Japan Sake Cocktail Awards 2015 Winners!

IMG_8618London’s first Sake Cocktail Awards were held at the 2015 HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, with each day featuring three different cocktails from different entrants, and each separate day having an individual winner crowned by the participating visitors. As well as just a best overall cocktail, visitors were also encouraged to suggest cocktails that were best suited to specific occasions or situations.

Congratulations are due to the competing mixologists, with every single creation wowing our audience. However, the three overall winners were Enrique Gomez of STICKS ‘N’ SUSHI with his Hatsuyuki cocktail (Friday), Marco Rosina of Chotto Matte with his Chotto Jelly cocktail (Saturday) and Phil Docherty of Chotto Matte with Moshi #3 (Sunday).