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All about Sparkling Sake with Natsuki Kikuya


Sparkling sake is simply amazing. Not only bubbly, it’s also often fruity and has a low alcoholic content. No wonder it’s so popular among women, sake novices and young people! To bring sense to this buzz, we are fortunate to have sake sommelier and Museum of Sake founder, Natsuki Kikuya, at the HYPER Theatre stage to introduce the joys of sparkling sake on Friday 15 July and Sunday 17 July.

Ms. Kikuya will be presenting the ins and outs of sparkling sake, providing the ABCs for those as yet-to-be acquainted with sparkling sake, as well as a breakdown of the currently popular categories of sparkling sake. Yes, there are many categories!

More of a tactile learner? Worry not, for sake samples will be on hand to add sensory information to the lessons. Remember, only attendees lucky enough to get a seat in the first few rows of seated guests will be able to sample the sake, so get there and get there early!

  • Friday, 15 July 18:30 – 19:00
  • Sunday, 17 July 12:30 – 13:00
  • Location: HYPER Theatre
  • Capacity:250 Seated, 200 Standing

Natsuki KikuyaProfile: Natsuki Kikuya
Born into a family with a proud history of Sake brewing, Natsuki Kikuya’s journey back to her sake roots can be traced to 2009, where she worked as a “Sake sommelier” at the Zuma and ROKA restaurants in London. In 2013, she launched the “Museum of Sake”, a Sake PR and Education agency dedicated to introducing and promoting Sake to European markets.