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SAKE Experience Tokens Available NOW!! “Kampai!!”

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The Sake Experience is setting up shop at HYPER JAPAN Winter 2018 with an expanded lineup, redefining the meaning of “sake”. Taking over the venerable Pillar Hall, the Sake Experience will transform this beautiful room into a temple dedicated to the culture of sake!

Types of Sake Available for Sampling

Sake is often translated as rice wine but Japanese people use the term loosely to mean many different types of alcoholic drinks. With that in mind, why not sample some of the below?

  • Fresh “Namazake” (生酒)
  • Flavoured Sake (Strawberry sake anyone?)
  • Shochu(焼酎)
  • Fruit Liqueur (Think plum wine!)
  • Chu-Hi(酎ハイ)
  • Japanese craft beer
  • Japanese snacks will also be available to sample! A perfect accompaniment to your sake!

How The Sake Experience Works

  • The Sake Experience will feature dozens of Japanese alcohols and spirits, all of which can be sampled!
  • Each drink can be sampled in exchange for a token (some require more!)
  • Tokens can be purchased as Add-Ons to your general entry ticket, or at the door.
  • Each £18 pack of tokens includes x16 drink tokens and x2 snack tokens!

Our experts have selected some of the finest and most interestingly flavoured Japanese namazake, craft beers, liqueurs, “shochu” and tasty “otsumami” snacks for you to try in the SAKE EXPERIENCE.

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Please drink responsibly.
HYPER JAPAN will operate a Challenge 25 policy during the event, so those who are particularly youthful in appearance may be asked for proof of age.
HYPER JAPAN reserves the right to refuse service of alcohol to customers.
Please be considerate of others when consuming alcohol as many visitors will be underage.
Visit for more information.