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The Secret to Sazae-san’s Rock Paper Scissors!

Everybody in Japan knows Sazae-san. This popular cartoon started off as a “yonkoma” manga back in 1946 and was adapted into the current beloved anime in the late 1960s. Since then, Sazae-san has charmed the hearts of generation Japanese children. So popular is this social phenomenon that there are entire societies devoted to the study of Sazae-san! One such society, the “Sazae-san Rock Paper Scissors Research Society” recently made an announcement regarding the Rock Paper Scissors section of the anime. As viewers of the show will know, Sazae-san plays Rock Paper Scissors at the end of each episode. Now according to the Research Society, since 1991, Sazae-san has always chosen Scissors on the New Year 1 Jan episode. While this bit of news may not be earth-shaking to the casual observer, it remains a warm and fuzzy bit of news for those who know and love the show. So next year, remember to go with Rock when you go up against Sazae-san!

Source: FujiTV

And now, to bring a smile to your face: There’s a Sazaesan street in Fukuoka!

Source: JCast News
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