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Too Cute To Eat… S&B “Deco-Curry” Workshop

It might have shown up in your favourite anime or J-Drama… Curry – One of the most delicious Japanese comfort food. This workshop mixes the spirit of the “chara-ben” (themed – and almost always adorable! – lunch box) with the well-loved Japanese rendition of the Indian classic.

Let’s come together and make this adorable “Deco-Curry” (decorated curry). You will be given an introduction on how to make Deco-Curry using S&B Golden Curry, along with tricks and tips on how to make your curry too cute to eat!

All participants will receive a sample of S&B Curry Powder to take home. Create a delicious meal with the powder at home, and post it Twitter or Instagram with hashtags #LoveSBCurry #HYPERJAPAN, and show us a new way to enjoy the curry powder! If you post within two weeks, you may win a gift from S&B!

Workshop Details

  • Saturday 1st 25th – 16:15
  • Cost: Free
  • All Ages
  • Note: This activity involves cooking, so please wear clothes you are willing to get dirty in case of an accident.
  • No advance bookings
  • You should be at the Creative Studio at least 10 minutes before the starting time for the activity.
  • 40 people per workshop