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Wasabi is Reborn with S&B’s Wasabi Pizza Workshop


When you think of pizza, a variety of toppings come to mind. But we’re willing to bet that wasabi isn’t one of them! If you’re in doubt, just come to this workshop and  try for yourself!

S&B has invited Italian executive chef, Tomasso Romita, to show you the tricks of pizza making, alongside advice on how best to incorporate wasabi into an Italian course dinner.  Wasabi Dressing?  Tomato & Wasabi Paste?  The possibilities are endless.

Several challengers will get to join the chef Tomasso on stage to have a bit of hands-on experience, and at the end of the workshop, all participants will have a chance to try some wasabi pizza.  So, make sure to leave some room!


Workshop Details

  • Where: HYPER Theatre
  • When: 16 July, 12:45
  • Cost: Free