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Shingeki no Kyojin – “Head”ing your way

Colossal TitanAn ear shattering thunderclap and a billowing cloud of steam from beyond the wall.
Without warning a giant hand smashes down on the wall – a good 50 metres high.

It’s one of them…a titan.

And so in a manner similar to how the Titans flooded through the hole in Wall Maria, the hit franchise Attack on Titan has smashed through the manga/anime world. To celebrate the incredible success of the franchise, we’re proud to announce that a replica of the Colossal Titan will be making its way to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2015!

AOT fans ourselves, we know the Colossal Titan is 60m tall and therefore it’d be impossible to bring a complete replica into the O2, not that we didn’t try. We’ve gone and done the next best thing, which is a replica of the Colossal Titan’s head – itself standing over two metres tall.

We’re quite confident all you Attack on Titan fans out there will make it your life’s mission to take a selfie, or a group photo with this guy. Another reason to cosplay, perhaps?