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Nothing Hotter than an … otter?

His name is Shinjo-kun and yes, that “nabeyaki” hat actually does come off.

This adorable river otter is the official mascot character of Susaki City and has amassed quite the following in the few years he’s been active.
A goodwill ambassador travelling around the world, Shinjo-kun is eager to meet new friends and catch up with old acquaintances.

If you spot him at the Tobacco Dock, be sure to stop and say hi!

MESSAGE from Shinjo-kun

Hi, my name is Shinjo-kun.
I am from Susaki-city in Kochi, Japan. I am the winner of Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016. I am supposed to be the last Japanese river otter, but I still believe there are some of my friends surviving somewhere out there. So I am looking for my Japanaese river otter friends before I ZETSU☆METSU (extinct).
It is my first time come to UK. Let me be your friend!

Shinjo-kun is still only five years old but he’s already the official mascot character of Susaki City! He’s also on a very important journey to find his river otter friends, wherever they may be, as sadly the Japanese river otter is now extinct in his native island of Shikoku. Still, there are a lot of places in the world where he might find his friends!
He’s really good at dancing and swimming, and he loves dressing up and anime.