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Siro-A at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market


We’re happy to announce the return of quirky Japanese performance group SIRO-A to HYPER JAPAN at our Christmas Market!

Who are these mysterious masked men? Formed in 2002, this technodelic performance troupe of 6 has wowed audiences in Japan and casually swept its way across the world, earning the prestigious Spirit of Fringe Award at 2011’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival and making a name for themselves as Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group.

Whilst we can understand the Blue Man Group comparison, SIRO-A is a unique experience in itself and offers a vibrant and futuristic fusion of pulsating electronic music and breathtaking laser segments, incredible optical illusions and precisely timed performance routines combined with advanced projection technology. The pace of each routine is varied and as well as the controlled chaos there are some beautifully peaceful moments, among them a few stand-out minutes where everything slows down and the performers stand in twinkling LED light suits.


Words aren’t enough to describe the action-packed performance the troupe gives, the best way to find out is to head down to Olympia National hall this November and find out for yourself at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!