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HYPER JAPAN returns this July, with our stage shows promising a mix of sense-shattering sensations and calming cultural cool to suit a diverse range of interests!

The HYPER JAPAN 2014 lineup kicks off with us welcoming Robot Garage, the creators of the Kirobo/Mirata space communications robots, and Masked Ninja HIROKI. There will also be live cooking and cocktail demonstrations as part of EAT-Japan, click the link for details of what’s going on!

Some fan-favourite act return to London this year too: the technodelic stylings of SIRO-A will be gracing our stage once more. The CHOU~KAWAII Yun*chi will be headlining our HYPER KAWAii!! Stage this year!

For those of you who love to participate as well as spectate, the famous HYPER JAPAN COSParade returns, as well as the UK round of the Euro Cosplay Gathering (ECG)!

European launch of DEN Entertainment’s “the SAKE” and the world premiere of techno-traditional “Opera AOI”, for a two-hit-combo of the marriage of traditional and contemporary Japanese culture.

We’ll be so loaded with performances and demonstrations this year that just one stage won’t be enough! While our Main Stage will host our headline acts and general guests, there are three other stages for EAT-JAPAN, HYPER KAWAii!!, and HYPER FRINGE respectively. In other words, there will be food, fashion and Fringe action all-day everyday at HYPER JAPAN 2014.

You can check out our list of guests here.


Fri 25 Jul. Sat 26 Jul. Sun 27 Jul.
09:00 Closed 09:00 09:00
10:00 Closed 10:00 Traditional 10:00 Traditional/Tech
11:00 11:00 General Interest 11:00 Pop Culture
12:00 12:00 General Interest 12:00 Pop Culture
13:00 Traditional 13:00 General Interest 13:00 Traditional/Tech
14:00 Pop Culture 14:00 Event Closed 14:00 General Interest
15:00 Pop Culture 15:00 Event Closed 15:00 Cosplay
16:00 16:00 16:00
17:00 General Interest 17:00 Pop Culture 17:00 Traditional
18:00 Pop Culture 18:00 General Interest 18:00 Event Finish
19:00 Event Finish 19:00 Traditional