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HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017 Summary Day 2

We’re now more than halfway through the UK’s premier Japanese food & culture event, and the excitement was overflowing, despite the winter chill, as the best Japanese food, music, culture and shopping once more delighted our visitors!

Participants in S&B’s Deco Curry workshop were shown how to make this warming wonder into a chara-ben style bit of cute cooking. Everyone who participated in the workshop were given samples of S&B curry to take home and you can keep an eye out for their creations with the hashtags #LoveSBCurry #HYPERJAPAN.

Speaking of Japanese food, exhibitors like Japan Centre were supplying visitors with the Japanese snacks and goods that they craved, from Pocky to posters and from melon-pan to manga. For those hungrier for fashion than foodstuffs, exhibitors like Aoi Clothing and Dreamy Bows had accessories and outré outfits galore!

Keeping with the fashion trend, our J-Style Fashion show lit up the stage with all the aplomb audiences have come to expect, models strutting their stylistic stuff to awe our visitors and inspire their own ensembles. In our second session, powerful fashion statements gave way to the powerful metal sound of LOVEBITES, the all-female Japanese metal sensation who made a huge splash with their first overseas performance, live on our HYPER Live stage! Both our Fashion show and LOVEBITES will be returning to our stage on Sunday as well.

Our Creative Studio hosted an incredible Ikebana workshop by the Ohara School’s England chapter, where intrepid florists could get to grips with this traditional Japanese art. If that sounds like your kind of thing, don’t fret, as there is another workshop tomorrow! Visitors were also able to enjoy a more modern twist on traditional Japanese art at our Digital Ukiyo-e gallery, bringing the aesthetic of the floating world to our event on full colour displays. On top of this, the Illuminight installation and workshops were another amazing showcase of Japanese craft arts.

Last but not least, some of our visitors helped beat the winter chill with a sampling of the tastiest Japanese tipples at our Sake Cocktail Awards! Each participating visitor was able to taste and then vote for their favourite from three incredible offerings by select mixologists, with the winner crowned based on their choices. If you missed out today, there are still tickets available tomorrow for £5 per person.