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HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017 Summary Day 3

As much as we wish the fun could last forever, it’s time to say farewell to another wonderful HYPER JAPAN event as our Christmas Market has come to a close. With powerful stage performances, the Illuminight installation sharing the magic of a collection of curated Japanese craft arts, incredible edibles and more, we’ve enjoyed bringing you this taste of Japan in the UK once again this winter!

Cosplayers showed us their dedication to their craft and fandom by taking part in our COSTest, HYPER JAPAN’s very own competitive Cosplay event, dazzling audiences with their hand-crafted homages to their favourite characters. Judges had a hard time with the stiff competition, but were eventually able to crown one clear winner!

Weeks of contesting ideas came to a head as the Kikkoman HYPER Sandwich Competition saw the selected Shoyu sandwich ideas from our social media suggestions go head-to-head, as reimagined by professionals! The real winners were the audience, who got to sample each of these creations and vote for their favourites alongside a panel of judges. On a similarly delicious note, our Ramen Experience warmed the hearts (and stomachs!) of participating visitors, who each voted for their favourite Japanese soup noodle base from samples before enjoying their choice with some satisfying ramen.

The exhibitor side of proceedings was superlatively satisfied by our stalls full of sellers, exhibitors such as Wagashi Japanese bakery and JP Books helping visitors with finding that unique Christmas Gift or special Japanese snack, to say nothing of all the happy shoppers indulging their own Japanophile interests!

Last but not least by any stretch of the imagination, our stage was host to an incredible range of acts, with punk rockers MUTANT MONSTER and metalheads LOVEBITES amazing crowds with their performances across the afternoon.  The weekend’s festivities finally came to a close as master Rakugo storyteller Katsura Sunshine rocked the audience with laughter!

Last but not least, we’ve confirmed the date and location for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2018! We’d like to thank you for coming, and we’ll see you next Summer!