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Summer and street foods at Eat-Japan!

Summer’s well and truly here judging by the temperature in the HYPER JAPAN offices, so it’s a good thing that Eat-Japan @ this summer’s HYPER JAPAN will have you covered!

kakigori nice ice shaved ice

We can’t predict the weather for July, but if it’s anything like now, you can beat the heat with kakigori and ice cream!
Kakigori, or shaved ice, is a delicious Japanese summer snack that’s both dairy-and-fat-free, flavoured with syrups or fresh fruit, or even adzuki beans. Meanwhile, Japanese ice cream comes in all kinds of amazing flavours, including such subtleties as Sakura and Matcha.

taiyaki japanese street food

Another delicious Japanese street food, Taiyaki may not be as cooling as ice cream or kakigori, but it’s definitely a treat. The batter is traditionally filled with red bean paste, but these days it’s just as likely to be chocolate!

Whatever direction your tastebuds are leaning towards, you will be able to satisfy your hunger at this summer’s HYPER JAPAN!