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Sushi Awards 2015 Menu: Announced!



At long last, the wait is over! The menu lineup for the sushi Awards 2015 is here. Five top chefs from restaurants in London present five sensational sushi creations. Vote for your favourite! The most popular sushi will be crowned Sushi of the Year, and its creator will be the Sushi Awards winner for 2015.


sushiawards_menuShengjian Lin (eat TOKYO)
Sushi: Tosho
Rolled tuna, pear, spring onion, salmon, avocado with rice and special sauce. Topped with Tobiko (fish roe) and radish sprout.

Henryanto Aloysius (Genji Sushi)
Sushi: The Spicy Crunch
Ebi Tempura, tempura crunch, shredded cucumber and quinoa brown rice wrapped in soy wrap. Topped with spicy yellow fin tuna with spicy mayo, mixed hoisin and teriyaki sauce.

Gohei Kishi (maze)
Sushi: Tuna “Toro” Gunkan
Rolled tuna emulsion, sushi rice and wasabi with Daikon sheet marinated in yuzu brine. Topped with quail egg marinated in rice Koji and beetroot marinated lotus crisp.

Alvaro Cano Comino (Yashin Ocean House)
Sushi: Maki Sabroso
Ginger tempura marinated for five days in Amazu, rocket, and sun dried tomato rolled in bonito flakes. Topped with spicy mushroom foam, parmesan and toasted Sakura Ebi.

Tomokazu Matsuya (Sozai Cooking School)
Sushi: Snow Drop
Mashed potato, Shio-koji (Koji that has been fermented in salt) and sushi rice cooked with coconut. With sprinkled coconut powder and gorgonzola source.


  • Price: £15
  • Date: Sunday 29th November: 11.00-16:00


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