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Anime Insiders Panel: Part 2!

This summer: THEY. ARE. BACK!

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Anime Insiders PanelAs you know, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the smash hit anime “Case Closed” with the release of “The Darkest Nightmare”. Want to know how they choose the stories? How they were inspired? Well, what better way to do this than by having Michihiko Suwa, executive producer of the franchise, talk live and in person!?

Not enough dish? Then how about listening to Tetsuya Watanabe, veteran of many an advertising campaign and steeped in the business side of anime? His credentials? Oh, just a few decades working at major Japanese ad agency, Dentsu, packed with experience with hit anime such as “Young Kindaichi”.   He’s here to offer his take on how the anime business grew into a globe-spanning, multi-billion pound industry.

Want one more? How about anime music powerhouse Kaoru Wada, veteran composer and conductor for many a hit anime. Discussing the anime industry through his eyes as a professional composer, Mr. Wada will round out an all-star panel with a wealth of anime knowledge and experience!

Michihiko Suwa has been involved in many representative television anime, including popular hit series like Inuyasha and Detective Conan. He currently is the executive producer for anime at Yomiuri telecasting corporation.

Tetsuya Watanabe has worked on many anime series such as “Young Kindaichi”. A producer at leading Japanese advertising agency, Dentsu, he possesses a wealth of knowledge about the business model of Japanese anime and is involved in Cool Japan events both at home and abroad.

Kaoru Wada has been involved in not only anime, but theatricals, film, events and television. In addition to being closely involved with the musical aspects of hit anime Inuyasha, Gegege no Kitaro and D.Gray-man, he has also composed and orchestrated over 300 pieces of music and acts as a conductor.