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Need a (cosplay) sword and/or knife?

The Sword StallScenario 1: You’ve got your cosplay outfit all sorted but the styrofoam sword you made doesn’t quite fit…
Scenario 2: You have a replica katana but need a wakizashi to complete the look…

The answer to both scenarios can be found at The Sword Stall, which will be returning to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016 this July! Be it a traditional katana or Kirito’s Elucidator, you’ll find what you need. So before you click the buy button online, come down to their display stand and see with your own eyes!

Please note that to buy a sword or a knife, you should be over 18. Additionally, if you do look under 25, you may be asked to show proof of age. All products are for display purpose only and have blunted edges.