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Takamasa Sakurai, pioneer of kawaii cultural exchange


In a splendid addition to our HYPER Theatre series of seminars, we’re pleased to announce that Takamasa Sakurai, a leading expert on Japanese anime, fashion and music as methods of cultural exchange, will be giving a special presentation on the global success of Japanese idols.


First things first, let’s meet the man behind the microphone! Takamasa is a content media producer, writer and research professor at Digital Hollywood University, as well as the bureau director of the International Otaku Expo Association (IOEA), and currently carries out cultural exchange activities in over 140 cities in 25 countries around the world. He has served on several expert committees for Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is the producer and co-founder of their famous “Kawaii Ambassador” project which was launched in 2009.

As a pioneer of cultural exchange projects which make use of anime, fashion, music and other Japanese pop cultures, Takamasa is often invited to speak as a guest in Japanese events around the world. He has several well-known published works, including “World Kawaii Revolution” (sekai kawaii kakumei) and “Anime Culture Diplomacy” (anime bunka gaiko), and appears regularly as a commentator on television and radio programs. In print, on the radio, and also via live talks, Takamasa continues to promote Japan to the world at large!


During our HYPER JAPAN Festival, Takamasa will be focusing on the theme of Japanese idols, who are recently experiencing a rapid surge in fame all over the world. But how exactly did they get to become the recipients of such global adoration? Takamasa, who has met fans of idols in many different countries, will explain the reasons behind this, whilst utilizing a range of images and photographs to keep things colourful!

Visitors to this special talk will be able to view video letters from Japanese idols, as well as exclusive screening footage. This is definitely a must-see seminar for all you HYPER JAPAN visitors who can’t get enough of Japanese idols!